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UK Structured Products Association

The UK Structured Products Association ('UKSPA') is a membership organisation established by the leading manufacturers of structured products in the UK. Established in 2009, UKSPA has grown to 14 members today, representing a significant majority of the issuers and firms active in the UK structured products market.

UKSPA is not a commercial organisation. The Association provides a unified voice for the industry and its members, serving a number of important functions including engaging with regulators, developing best practice guidelines, educating the investment community and providing a useful source of research and information for financial advisers.

UKSPA engages with the media and communicates objective and factual information about structured products. It does not promote individual firms or products. The Association provides a voice in the media for the industry, offering research to demonstrate structured products value and promoting greater understanding of the investments.

UKSPA has created Product Codes, broken down into four main sectors: Protected, Non-Protected, Growth and Income, as a reference guide to help advisers and investors understand what the different types of product are and their key features. The codes appear on member firms’ product brochures.

In addition, the Association has created Risk Ratings for structured products, to provide a uniform and meaningful indication of the overall risk profile of products, taking account of both market risk (ratings rank between 1- 7) and credit risk (ratings rank between A – G), to assist advisers and investors in comparing structured products.

The Association is also now producing indices that offer performance analysis of the industry’s products, broken down with reference to its Product Codes.

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