Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Lowes Structured Investment Centre

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Lowes Financial Management is well known as one of the most knowledgeable financial planning firms using structured investments in the UK, with a long history of engaging with and using the sector judiciously as an independent and client-centric adviser.

Lowes’ use of structured investments with its own clients resulted in the firm creating specialist proprietary internal research resources, product monitoring and portfolio management tools - such as SP Perspective - all of which were designed and developed by the firm for its own use to meet the precise requirements of an independent financial planning firm.

Lowes Structured Investment Centre has been conceived and established in collaboration with the sector to help further advance the sector’s engagement with UK Professional Advisers.

In addition to product co-operations, designed to extend the ranges of investment products seen across the sector, the proprietary resources developed by Lowes to help with its own advising on structured investments will be opened up to fellow Professional Advisers.

  • Take advantage of SP-Perspective – it’s a unique and exceptional client management tool (we know, we built it and use it with our clients every day!)

Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the Centre, its products, its thinking regarding the sector, how Lowes Financial Management operates and uses structured investments with its own clients, please don’t hesitate to make contact: our entire emphasis is on working with fellow advisers to advance and enhance the value that can be gained from working with the structured investment sector, for the benefit of clients.

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We welcome feedback, input, ideas and opportunities to collaborate with our financial planning / advisory colleagues across the UK.