Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Lowes Structured Investment Centre


SP-Perspective.com is a proprietary structured product client management and monitoring tool, designed and developed by Lowes Financial Management, over the last ten years.

It enables Professional Advisers to access and view all of the pertinent details of a client’s structured investment portfolio in a clear and easy to understand way, providing:

  • A summary of the terms of each investment held.  The original investment literature.

  • Graphical displays of relevant information, including: strike levels; capital protection barriers; most recent underlying market levels; counterparty exposure; and a timeline of future portfolio events.  The timeline planner can be filtered by tax year to aid capital gains tax planning.

  • The counterparty breakdown tool shows your client’s exposure to the financial institutions backing the structured investments they hold, and can also include non-structured investment exposure they have to banks/building societies, and which institutions / investments may benefit from potential FSCS cover, helping inform discussions and investment decisions in respect of diversifying their portfolios.

  • Alerts regarding key events / conditions relevant to your client’s portfolio, including details of forthcoming maturities / potential maturities, with information, where applicable, on the market criteria which must be met in order for the maturity. This can help with effective cash-flow, re-investment and tax planning.

… and much more.

SP-Perspective.com can help Professional Advisers manage ongoing advice that is pertinent and timely to their client’s specific structured investment holdings.

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