Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Assistance with Bespoke Solutions

With extensive experience of helping design and develop ‘bespoke’ structured investments to meet our own client interests and needs, and with the unique cross-sector 'hub' model of Lowes Structured Investment Centre, we are extremely well placed to offer assistance to other advisory firms who may wish to explore bespoke investment solutions for their clients.

With our structured investment working knowledge and expertise and our sector relationships we can help drive the creation of solutions that are designed and shaped with your input to meet your clients’ specific interests and circumstances.

Whether your interests might be based on one single high net worth client or for a small or open number of clients, whether it is for new investment monies or the reinvestment of funds from maturing or previously matured products, whether you may want a strategy to provide plain vanilla income or growth, linked to just the mainstream UK indices, of have more specific client requirements and investment ideas, we will be pleased to try to add value.

Naturally, we can understand your business and your client’s interests, because as an advisory firm we have similar / identical client interests within Lowes Group ourselves … and we welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other advisory firms, and to seek opportunities for economies of scale, for example bringing several firms with similar interests together, to add and drive better client value.