Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Sector Partners

Lowes Structured Investment Centre is a collaboration with the UK structured investment sector’s Issuers and Providers.

Sector Partners must be members (or pending members) of the UK Structured Product Association (UKSPA).

Profiles for Sector Partners will be added as product co-operations are launched.


Mariana Capital

Mariana Capital Markets is a financial services firm with multiple business lines that include: asset management, structured investment products, tax advisory, corporate advisory, analytical strategy and execution services in cash and equity derivatives.

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Investec Bank plc

Investec is an international specialist banking and asset management group that provides a diverse range of financial products and services to a select client base in three principal markets, namely the UK and Europe, South Africa and Asia/Australia as well as other countries.

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Please note that references to the structured investment sector's Issuers and Providers, that Lowes Structured Investment Centre works with, in the conception, development, promotion and distribution of the investment product co-operations available through the Centre, as 'Sector Partners' are descriptive only - there is not a formal or legal partnership relationship between Lowes Structured Investment Centre and the Issuers or Providers.