Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Lowes Structured Investment Centre

Welcome to Lowes Structured Investment Centre

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Welcome to Lowes Structured Investment Centre, a collaboration with the UK structured investment sector, developed by Lowes Financial Management, a leading Chartered Financial Planning and advisory firm in the UK, with a long standing reputation for specialisation and expertise with structured investments.

A Structured Investment Hub

The Centre has been conceived to create a structured investment ‘hub’ to help broaden and advance the UK structured product investment sector's product and service offering for UK-based (and English speaking overseas-based) Professional Advisers and wealth managers.

A Range of Product Co-operations

A range of structured investments, designed in co-operation with Sector Partners, including Issuers and Providers, will aim to extend product ranges across the sector, building on areas of strength and interest with each Issuer and Provider.

Professional Advisers accessing the products available through the Centre will be supported by both Lowes Structured Investment Centre and the Issuers / Providers.